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Psychiatrist Dr. Miao Professional Workshop, Clinical Interview for Mentally Disturbed Patients

The unpleasant winter draught could not stop the zeal of a host of our eager learners attend the professional workshop jointly held by the Association and the Social Work Department of Baptist University. The 2-hour workshop titled "Clinical Interview for Mentally Disturbed Patients" attracted more than 40 attendances who wished to learn from Dr. Miao, our speaker as a psychiatrist about her rich case experiences in facing either emotional, psychotic or high risk patients.

We should be thankful for Dr. Miao's practical and lively presentation wherein key clinical interview scenarios on mentally disturbed clients were discussed. Not merely attendances were interested by the real life consultation clips showing in the venue, but they should also be excited by the passionate plea of the Speaker's call for audience to chase their professional dream for helping needy people.

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