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Purposes of the Register of Clinical Psychologists

  • To protect the welfare of the users of psychological services;

  • To maintain and advance the professional standards of psychological service providers in Hong Kong; and

  • To ensure the service quality of Registered Clinical Psychologists via the Register which is served as a regulatory system that promotes transparency, accountability and professionalism for the services provided.


  • 致力保障使用專業心理服務者之權益;

  • 維繫及提升本地心理服務之專業水平;及

  • 過高透明度,負責任及維護專業操守為基礎的註冊制度確保本會註冊臨床心 理學家之專業素質

Title of Registered Clinical Psychologists

Person listed in the HKADCP's Register of Clinical Psychologists is entitled to use of the title "HKADCP Registered Clinical Psychologist" or " HKADCP Reg. Clin. Psych." or in Chinese, "HKADCP


註冊臨床心理學家" or "香港臨床心理學博士協會註冊臨床心理學家"

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