The HKADCP's Register of Clinical Psychologists is an official register implemented and maintained by Hong Kong Association of Doctors in Clinical Psychology (HKADCP), in accordance with stipulations contained in the By-Laws of the Association.

List of Registered Clinical Psychologists

Are HKADCP registered members qualified clinical psychologists?

Making reference to the latest international standards for the profession, HKADCP has established clear and unbiased criteria for admission to our register of clinical psychologists. Apart from the high requirement that applicants much hold a doctorate degree, HKADCP has adopted a comparable credentials  requirement, under which an applicant's professional qualifications are counter-checked against at least one well-established and reputable professional or statutory psychological body in a comparable developed countries.

Register of Clinical Psychologists

BLAND Michele

CHAN Carrie | 陳璣邐

CHAN Ho Wai Oswald | 陳浩維

CHAN Lai Ling, Atlas | 陳麗玲

CHAN Wai Yin | 陳惠燕

CHANG Sio Nga, Kay | 曾子雅

CHEN Kaili | 陳凱麗

CHENG Viviana | 鄭穎珩

CHEUNG Kit Ying, Andy | 張潔影

CHEUNG Pui Chi, Ginette | 張貝芝

CHEUNG Suk Ling | 張淑玲

CHEUNG Suk Lan, Florence | 張淑鑭

CHING Sze Chai | 程思齊

CHIU Sau Mee | 招秀美

CHIU Wang, Marie | 趙竑

CHOI Kwok Wai, Wilfred | 蔡國偉

CHOI Siu Yuk, Tenor | 蔡小玉

CHUNG Oi Yan, Florence | 鍾靄恩

FAN Mei Ling, Anny | 范美玲

FUNG Man Chee, Maggie | 馮蔓芝

FUNG Ngan Ying, Monica, | 馮銀英

FUNG Yat Kin, Ken | 馮逸健

HALL Pauline Kottina | 何堃嘉

HO Muk Mang, Niki | 何沐萌

HORNER, Brent E.

HUNG Lap Kwan, Willy | 洪立群

HWA Wai Sum, Vanessa | 夏慧沁

HWANG Olivia | 黃蕊蘋

KARNANI, Sheena Ramesh

KONG Wai Yin, Nelson | 江偉賢

KUNG Ho Yuen, James | 龔可元

KWOK Wo-oi, Rose | 郭和愛

LAI Jing Lam, Diana | 賴靜琳

LAM Timothy | 林安佑

LAM Suet Man, Angel | 林雪文


LAU Ho Yan , Cherry | 劉可欣

LAU Kit Yee, Jennifer | 劉潔儀

LAU Mei Kuen, Cora | 劉美娟

LAW Cheuk Ming, Jim | 羅灼明


LEE Ka Yan, June | 李家昕

LEE Kin Cheung, George | 李堅翔

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LEE Felicia K S | 李坤璇

LOONG Kam Shan, Natalie | 龍錦珊

LOU Weng Hang | 盧永亨

LUI Ka Kei , Jodi | 呂家琪

LUI Peggy | 呂錦英

LUK Kar Yiu | 陸家耀

MAK Yiu Wa, Edwin | 麥曜譁

MANN Ka Fai | 萬家輝

MARK Adrian | 麥晟鑫


MUI Kam Seung, Ruby | 梅金嫦

NG Vivian | 吳静華