Professional Indemnity Insurance for HKADCP Members

(Updated May 27, 2015)

We are pleased to advise that Charterlloyd Insurance Brokers Ltd. is now offering the master professional indemnity insurance scheme for all register members of HKADCP, the yearly premium is HK$2,500 (starting June 1, 2015) per insured member and the semi-annual premium is HK$1,300 (starting December 1, 2015) per insured member. The insurance company also agrees to cover the student members for their supervised practice but subject to review and consideration of each individual case. Interested members please indicate your intent for the annual or semi-annual premium with specified member status on the application form to Charterlloyd Insurance Brokers Ltd. Members who wants to start the plan from June 1, 2015 need to send application before June 20, 2015 and pay for the full year premium (HK$2,500).

Attached please find the enrollment documents for your reference: 


  • Declaration form (application form)             for individual member to complete and return with cheque (cheque payable to "Charterlloyd Insurance Brokers Ltd")  for application of insurance. Please send the application to:

Dr. Raymond Chow
Charterlloyd Insurance Brokers Ltd
Rm 1905, Fortress Tower, 250 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong.

  • The summary statement of the coverage             with premium and exclusions of the professional indemnity insurance


  • Specimen insurance policy with endorsements             (please read together as endorsements overrule the terms in insurance policy)


IMPORTANT NOTES:  Members should understand that this is a business deal between individual Registered member and the insurance broker or the insurance package provider.  HKADCP has absolutely no part or gain in it apart from verifying the membership status of the subscribers as a service.  All transactions or claims or enquiries will not be handled by HKADCP.

For any query or application, please contact Ms. Alice Cheung/Dr Raymond Chow (tel: 25236350;

Is a HKADCP registered clinical psychologist a qualified clinical psychologist?

Making reference to latest international professional standards, HKADCP has laid clear and objective criteria for admission of registered clinical psychologist (Please click here for details) . Apart from high requirement for doctorate level of applicants, HKADCP also has adopted credential criteria requirement, under which applicant's professional qualification is counterchecked by at least one of the established and reputed professional or statutory psychological organizations in comparable developed countries.