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The First Two-Hour Case Sharing Session

Cold breeze did not stop members’ zeal to join the session in which Dr. Joseph Siu shared his clinical experience on treating a 14 years old boy diagnosed with ADHD and ODD.

After Dr. Siu presented the case, dynamic and intimate group discussion was facilitated along with prepared questions for the case. The discussion not only focused how effective the behavioural treatment helps the teenager to curb his stealing problem but also included dialogues of participating members for their view on alternative approaches to the case and available clinical instruments for assessing youngster’s multi-facet symptom presentation.

With confidentiality agreement signed by all attendance, participating members were open and enthusiastic in exchange opinions and insights on the subject cases. Feedback with positive comment to the event, participants consider the session was helpful for which both presenter and participating members are benefited in having more understanding of the case’s conceptualization, different clinical skills as well as challenge that was and is being faced by clinical practitioner.

Most anticipate such venue shall continue so that clinical excellence shall be widely promoted amongst members of HKADCP.

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