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Love Our Kids (LOK) 動心行動

Love Our Kids (LOK) is a local non-governmental organisation which is devoted to improve the psychological and emotional well-being of children and adolescents through organising a wide range of activities that involved creative arts. Our members were invited to volunteer on a School Retreat Day last Friday (19 October 2018), at one of the local secondary schools. The intention was to let students relieve stress and relax themselves, and create a supportive platform for them to freely express their thoughts and feelings, positive or negative. We, alongside other mental health professionals (e.g counsellors, expressive art therapists, music therapists, social workers, youth workers), students, trainees and parents worked as volunteer facilitators to organize small groups for all students, using multimedia such as arts and crafts, dancing/movement, singing, storytelling. We believe School Retreat Day of this kind can help promoting the importance of emotional wellbeing of children and youths and create a more pleasant and relaxed learning environment in the school context. Community work is one of the indispensable ingredients to the development and maintenance of a emotionally healthy society for the current and next generations; clinical psychologists certainly should take part in this endeavour.

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